Club History

Cooks Hill United Football Club was formed in 1997 by Pete Roworth and John Kottakis.

The club formed from NAWA players, who developed the idea at a BBQ held at 48 Hobart Rd, New Lambton in December 1997.

Initially, the plan was to name the club Newcastle United and play in the UK club’s colours of B&W stripes, however this was not allowed by the then Newcastle and Ports Stephens Soccer Association, who would only allow representative teams to use the name Newcastle, as well as the Newcastle Suns FC, who also formed in 1997.

Several options for naming the club Cooks Hill were investigated, including Cooks Hill Athletic, before the name Cooks Hill United SC was chosen.

At no stage in the formation of Cooks Hill United did any of the founding club members know about the former Cooks Hill Soccer Club that had disbanded several years earlier.

To date, there’s only record of one player to have played in both incarnations of the club: Richard Puxty (aka Pucko).

Richard’s father, Richard or Dick Puxty was instrumental in the formation of the original Cooks Hill United as well as a founding director of Newcastle KB United.

The first Cooks Hill United SC committee meeting was held on Thurs, 5 February 1998 at 14 Corlette St, Cooks Hill, with Pete (President) and John (Secretary), joined on the inaugural committee by Nigel Bosworth (Treasurer).

Nigel joined the club after discussions with Pete at a new year’s eve party at 60 Bruce St, Cooks Hill.

Initial options for a home ground included the Newcastle Athletics Field, however, this was in use at the time by a club in the then 2HD competition.

An application to use National Park #4 was submitted to Newcastle Council after Pete and John became aware of the ground’s availability while recycling aluminium cans at the ground.

In the inaugural season of Cooks Hill United SC, three teams were entered in All Age competitions: E, H and J grade.

J grade finished Minor Premiers for the club’s first title and went on to make the grand final in the club’s inaugural year.

More details to follow soon on the following club milestones

  • Junior teams join the club: 1999.
  • The Interdistrict squad entered into ID3’s for the 2000 season.
  • First Major Premiership’s for the senior club: 2003 – AA/F & U18A’s
  • First women’s team: 1999 – WAA/E
  • Cooks Hill United Soccer Club becomes Football Club – 2005
  • Ten-year celebrations 2007
  • Move to Athletics Field: 2010
  • Winning 1st grade ID1’s: 2010
  • Zone Premier League 2011 – 14
  • 1st grade Grand Final winners 2011, 2012 (lost 2013) & 2014
  • Res grade Minor/Major 2013.
  • 3rd grade Minor/Major 2014.
  • By 2012 the combined junior and senior clubs had over six hundred registered players, making Cooks Hill United the third largest club in Newcastle Football.
  • 2013 team numbers of 76 made the club equal in numbers with New Lambton Juniors and Valentine Phoenix.
  • 2014 Club accepted into the 2015 NNSWF NewFM 1st division.