2018 Registration Update

Our Junior teams are filling fast! Here is the latest info… (as at 13 feb 2018)


6 boys/mixed – closed (full)
6 all girls – contact club (limited places)
7 boys/mixed – closed (full)
7 girls – closed (full)
8 boys/mixed – closed (full)
8 girls – limited places – contact club
9 boys/mixed – closed (full)
9 girls – closed (full)
10 boys/mixed – closed (full)
10 girls – contact club (limited places)
10 NET – closed
11 boys/mixed – open
11 girls – closed (full)
11 NET – closed


12 boys – open
12 girls Sunday – closed (full)
12 NET – closed
13 boys – closed (full)
14 boys – closed (full)
14 girls Sunday – closed (full)
15 boys – closed (full)
16 boys – no team this year
16 girls Sunday – no team this year
17 boys – closed (full)
18 boys – open
18 girls Sunday – open

For more info on registration days, grading and competitions dates, visit the Junior calendar page.

Note: Whatever age you turn in 2018, is the age group you belong in. For example, if you turn 9 anytime in 2018, then you play in 9s.

Player registration costs for 2018 are as follows:              full breakdown of fees

5-7 years: $250
8-11 years: $270
10-11 NET team: $305
12 NET team: $395
12-18 years: $300

All aged women & men, and over 35s: $435
Zone League men: $500

2018 Registration

Registration windows for season 2018 are as follows:

  • Window 1:   3-Jan to 24-Jan – returning junior players who played for CHUFC in 2017, and their siblings who are registering for U6 this season.
  • Window 2:   1-Feb onwards (until teams fill)new junior players.

To register, please go to the registration page at
PlayFootball (formerly MyFootballClub).

For help with online registration, follow these instructions:
How to register with CHUFC 2018

For siblings in age groups other than U6 who want to register with CHUFC for the first time, please email the club at cookshillfcjnr@gmail.com so we can give you priority to fill vacant positions.

Before registering these players, please email the club registrar at cookshillfcjnr@gmail.com to confirm there is a position available.

Senior registrations

Players wanting to register for All age/O35 must first ensure there is a position available. Please email the club registrar at cookshillfcjnr@gmail.com

Players registering for Zone League must have been selected for these teams.

If you register without confirming availability of a position, the refund of your registration will be processed in early March 2018.

Below are some helpful links for juniors & parents that can help you renew existing players or register new kids!

Junior Calendar

Information on registration days, gradings and competitions dates

Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Juniors Registration process & requirements

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