Registration FAQs

Is my child old enough to play?

If your child turns five or six in 2020 they are eligible to play in U6s.

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers registration/insurance/referees fees/ground hire/Presentation Day.

What uniform and equipment does my child need?

Black shorts and club socks can be purchased through the club. You child will also need football boots and shin pads. Miniroos (6 – 11s) will also need a playing shirt – see below.

Do I need to purchase a club shirt (playing strip)?

For MiniRoos (6s to 11s) you will need a playing shirt – if you have one from last year (or from a sibling or friend) then you are all set. If not, you can buy one from the club and it is yours to keep.

For competition aged teams (12s and up) your team is supplied with a set of shirts which they use for the year and return at the end of the season.

What do players wear to training?

That’s up to you. Training shirts are available to purchase from the club and are optional. Boots and shin pads should be worn at training.

What about training equipment?

Each team is supplied with a training kit (balls, bibs, cones, etc) which is returned to the club at the end of the season.

Can my child be put in a team with friends?

We will do our best to accommodate your request. If you are new to the club, and the team is already full, we will attempt to put you with other players from your school.

To nominate friendship group players (MiniRoos teams only), please read and follow the instructions for the registration process. Then answer the additional questions during the online registration process on PlayFootball (formerly MyFootballClub). We will use your answers to place your child within a team with nominated friends if you are registering for MiniRoos.

If you missed the “Additional Questions” please email any additional information to us at and we will do our best.

Can my child play out of their age group?

Players can play up in a higher age group, however they can’t play below their age group.

Players in NET teams MUST play in their own age group.

My child played last year. Will they be in the same team again this year?

When moving from U6 to U7, U8 to U9 and U10 to U11, we aim to keep teams together unless players specifically ask to swap teams.

When players move from U7 to U8, and U9 to U10, the teams become larger, so some reorganisation of teams is required. Please ensure you answer all the additional questions during the registration process so that we can try to accommodate your needs.

Who are the coaches?

Almost all of our coaches are volunteer parents/ grand parents.

When do I find out which team my child is in?

MiniRoos players (6-11 years) should attend the MiniRoos organisation day in March for team allocation.
 For competition age groups (12-18), grading sessions will be held when there is more than one team in the age group. After the grading process, players will be notified ASAP which team they are in.

What is the correct age group for my child?

20155 (register for U6s)